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About Kingston

Seated on the south-eastern coast of Jamaica and backed by the Blue Mountains, Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica boasts not only the 7th largest natural harbor in the world, it is also the largest English speaking city in the Northern hemisphere outside of the United States and Canada. Home to the greats such as Bob Marely, Louise Bennett and Usain Bolt, Kingston pulses with cultural diversity from reggae & mento music, various dance forms & fine art, to its eclectic international cuisine. You can sip Blue Mountain coffee in one of the local chic cafes or parks with a mountain view, enjoy some spicy jerk chicken or head out to Port Royal for fried fish and bammy by the sea.
Come and enjoy our little island in the sun!

Popular sites

Bob Marley Museum:

Life Yard: (where Rasta began)

Emancipation Park: 

Hope Gardens: (nature preservation)

Port Royal: (underwater city)

Devon House:

The National Gallery:

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