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        Under the Auspices of CANPA in collaboration with JAMPSYCH


November 13, 2018 - 8:30-12:30

Culturally Competent Assessment and Diagnosis in the Caribbean.

Workshop Description:

Psychologists practicing in the Caribbean often use standard tests when conducting psychological assessments. The utility and psychometric properties of these tests are often criticized because they were developed outside of the Caribbean region from Western, Educated Industrialized Rich and Democratic (WEIRD) contexts. In this workshop we interrogate the following questions:

  1. Are WEIRD tests fit to be used with culturally diverse clients?
  2. Can WEIRD assessment tools be used ethically and competently with culturally diverse clients?
  3. To what extent (if at all) should Psychologists practicing in the Caribbean modify the content and administration protocols of standard tests?
  4. What are some of the considerations that Psychologists should bear in mind when making diagnoses about culturally diverse clients based on the results of WEIRD tests?

Current empirical research, theoretical frameworks and practical considerations will be shared about this topic. In addition, interactive exercises and group activities will be used to encourage the exchange of participant experiences and opinions.

Workshop Facilitators:

Polli Hagenaars, The Netherlands

 hagenaarsBiography: Polli Hagenaars is a registered Health Psychologist in private practice in Amsterdam-NL. Starting as a Developmental Psychologist, the major professional themes have been social inclusion, diversity and ethics. She was a Lecturer at University Colleges in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, developed a curriculum on ‘Transcultural Pedagogy’; she acted as a consultant to the Municipality of The Hague for Intercultural Education, for which she developed ‘The Non-Discrimination Code for Education’ (1992, 1996), training programs for school teams and educational materials for children in multicultural classrooms. She chaired the Diversity Division of the NIP, and is the past convenor and still an active member of the EFPA Board Human Rights and Psychology.




Mia Jules, Ph.D., CPsychol, AFBPsS, University of the West Indies- Cave Hill

CRCP Jules Biography: Dr Jules is a registered Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer in Psychology in the School of Education, at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill Campus. She is also a past secretary of the Barbados Society of Psychology. Dr Jules’ research spans both psychology and education. She has an interest in the development and validation of psychoeducational assessment instruments for Caribbean populations and the wider Diaspora, in addition to researching psychoeducational factors which contribute to and hinder the successful transition of child, adolescent and adult learners through Caribbean educational systems. Dr Jules also publishes and conducts research about various psychosocial factors that influence health-damaging behaviours among adolescent and emerging-adult populations in online/offline contexts.







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Conference Theme

Transforming Psychology: Embracing Caribbean Realities

Pre-Conference Workshops

All workshops are held November 13

Half Day Workshops (8:30-12:30) (1:00-5:00)

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Workshop Costs:

  • Half Day Workshop $100.00*
  • Full Day Workshop $175.00

*$20 Discount for 2 Half-Day Workshops

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