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Information for Presenters


There will be projectors available in each room. Presenters in all rooms except the Ballroom must provide their own laptops. Please be SURE TO BRING a Dongle Adapter if you have a MAC to ensure that you can connect. Presenters should be at their session room 5 minutes before the session start time.

Presentation Formats

Keynotes (90 MInute session)
CRCP2018 Keynotes take place as part of the opening session. They are each half hour talks with time for discussion. All participants are invited to attend.

Plenaries (90 MInute sessions)
There are 5 Plenary sessions throughout the conference. All participants are invited to attend. Plenaries address each of the CRCP2018 conference themes. In each session there will be two talks (30 minutes) and time for discussion.

Symposia (55 minutes)
The Chair is expected to introduce speakers and frame the symposium questions.
Each speaker (assuming there are 4) will have 12 minutes to speak. This will leave 7 minutes for discussion.

Poster Presentations (Break time plus 55 minute session for poster displays)
Poster boards are 32 inches wide and 46 inches tall. Posters can be taped to the board and displayed on an easel.

Papers (12 minutes) 
Papers are grouped into sessions by topic where possible. The Paper session chair will introduce speakres by name and country, and will keep time.
Each paper is allotted 12 minutes and 1 minute for questions.

Roundtables (55 minutes) 
Roundtables are intended to allow presentation and discussion on specific topics. 

Conference Language

English is the official language of the Conference but abstracts will also be accepted in Haitian Kreyòl, French, Spanish, and Dutch. 

Presenter Policy

All paper, symposia, roundtable and poster presenters must be registered participants in the conference and are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs. There will be special conference accommodation rates for registered participants at the conference hotel.

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