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Keynote Speakers: Opening Session
Transforming Psychology: Meeting Caribbean Realities

crcp2018 colon1Nelson Colon, President, Puerto Rico Community Foundation
Puerto Rico


On Building Community Capital

Abstract: The community capital framework posits that 6 asset types: intellectual; social; cultural; physical; economic; and environmental serve as pathways towards community self-development, and provide a platform for empowerment and greater social and economic equity. This keynote will describe implmentation of the framework in Puerto Rico, and potential roles for psychologists.


crcp2018 lambert2Michael Lambert, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA


Affordable, Accessible, and Culturally Sensitive Psychological Assessment and Intervention for People across Caribbean Nations

Abstract: This keynote address focuses on research that continues to produce indigenous assessment tools for the region. It also presents work on the use of technology that makes such assessment tools, accessible to clinicians, researchers, program evaluators, and people they wish to assess. Technological delivery of these tools transcends time of access and location of professionals or assessment tool respondents. This presentation also addresses triumphs and challenges associated with technological advances in clinical care, as well as how regardless of clinicians’ location or that of people they serve; technological advances can increase Caribbean citizens’ accessibility to care from virtually any practicing clinician within the region.


Promoting Caribbean Health and Wellbeing


crcp2018 hicklingFrederick Hickling, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, Executive Director CARIMENSA (Caribbean Institute of Mental Health and Substance Abuse), University of the West Indies


Challenging psychological immaturity in the Anglophone Caribbean

Abstract: African Caribbean’s post slavery struggle from the traumatic syncretism of African and British cultures, roots the history of immaturity of psychology in this region. The development of psychotherapeutics to meet the needs of Caribbean people and syncretism with psychiatry and sociology is sine qua non to meet the prevailing challenges.


crcp2018 conwayFrancine Conway
Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA


Plenary: Building Capacity: Dissemination-Implementation Science, Community Partnerships and Integrative Behavior Health

Abstract: This presentation explores approaches to building capacity for mental health service delivery in the Caribbean. The session focuses on theoretical concepts and cultural applications of dissemination and implementation science; community partnership models; and an integrative-behavioral health care framework for training and mental health service delivery.


Multiculturalism / Multilingualism in the Caribbean


Lina Victor CANPAVictor Lina
Association des Psychologues de la Martinique
Ecole régionale ALI-Antilles

Violence postmoderne et problématique du discours colonial dans la Caraïbe

Abstract: La notion du nouveau monde succède à une méprise quand Colomb croyant avoir atteint l’Asie arrive aux Antilles. Cet évènement peut aussi recéler les signes avant-coureurs de la post-modernité qui s’illustre sous les traits d’une nouvelle économie psychique. Sur ce fil la violence en Martinique sera pris comme objet d'étude.

Postmodern Violence and Critique of Colonial Discourse in the Caribbean
The notion of the New World stems from an error when Columbus, believing he reached Asia, arrived in the West Indies. This event can also conceal the warning signs of post-modernity which is illustrated as a new metaphysical economy. Violence in Martinique will be considered within this context.

canpa bernal 1024Guillermo Bernal
Vice President, CANPA, Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations, Puerto Rico


Re-Un-thinking Multiculturalism
Abstract: The concept of multiculturalism (MC) viewed from several perspectives. First, a review of definitions on multiculturalism (sociological, political, philosophical, and psychological). The notion of multiculturalism within the body of the psychological knowledge, followed by a discussion of multiculturalism in the Caribbean vis-a-vis the challenges of colonialism, slavery, languages, and geography. 


Caribbean Psychology Education and Training


crcp MendezMilagros Mendez
University of Puerto Rico

Plenary: Harmonizing Education & Training Standards in the Caribbean Region 

Abstract: This presentation will offer an overview of challenges and steps taken by CANPA to achieve the goals of regionalizing and harmonizing education standards for psychology practice in the Caribbean region. Emphasis will be placed on developing criteria that acknowledge commonalities, diversity, and development within the context of a global psychology.

worrell squareFrank Worrell
University of California, Berkeley, USA 


Plenary: Psychology Education and Training in the Caribbean: A Few Ideas

Abstract: In this presentation, Dr. Worrell will provide suggestions for education and training in psychology in the Caribbean region from the undergraduate degree to the doctoral degree. He will distinguish among different types of graduate training and showcase a training project in Trinidad and Tobago as an exemplar.


Caribbean Psychology in Applied Settings


crcp2018 SanchezMarizaidaMarizaida Sánchez, University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico


Exposure to Violence & Mental Health: Rico: A Gender Perspective among School-age Children in Puerto Rico

Abstract: This presentation will highlight exposure to community violence among school age youth in Puerto Rico and its effects in trauma, anxiety and depression symptomatology for females and males. Additionally, it will present CONVOCA, a multilevel intervention that braids 4 evidence-based practices to address symptoms and promote well-being.

crcp mooreKaren Moore, Trinidad and Tobago


Models For Paraprofessional Intervention With Children And Adolescents

Abstract: Two intervention programmes with high-risk children and adolescents are described: a mentorship programme for boys in East Port of Spain, Trinidad, and a one-week holiday camp for children and teenagers held in Pointe Michel, Dominica in July 2018. The impact and usefulness of these two models will be explored.


Challenges in Psychology


hagenaarsPolli Hagenaars, EFPA Board Human Rights and Psychology, The Netherlands


Plenary: Listening to the Voiceless, towards an Inclusive Psychology

Abstract: The following questions will be addressed:
- To what extent has psychology incorporated the values and principles of human rights?
- Has psychology overcome the traces and influences of colonialism, slavery, unequal global economic relations and social-Darwinism?
A human rights psychology listens to voices who never get a chance to speak.



crcp edwardsDennis John Edwards, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica


Plenary: Psychology and Health Promotion: An Interface for Caribbean Realities

Abstract: This presentation will seek to situate the discipline of psychology, and the practitioner scientist psychologist, in treating with the issue of health in a still emerging Caribbean as a global sub-region.  The presentation will not be constrained or burdened by elsewhere pre-existing and available data, but, more so, interpretively reflect informed sentiments.


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