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Kerstin Söderström is a licensed Clinical Child Psychologist at Innlandet Hospital Trust, Norway and an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. She is member of the European Federation of Psychology Association, Board Human Rights and Psychology. Her professional activities and research focus on children and families with psychosocial burdens, substance addiction, transgenerational transmission of problems, health promotion and parenting practices. Her teaching, advocacy activities and publishing is on developmental psychology, parenthood and child protection, with the Convention of the Rights of the Child as background. She has studied and been involved in the development of psychology as discipline and profession in international collaborations with i.e. Cuba, Palestine and Vietnam, always with an eye on child and family well-being.

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Conference Theme

Transforming Psychology: Embracing Caribbean Realities

Pre-Conference Workshops

All workshops are held November 13

Half Day Workshops (8:30-12:30) (1:00-5:00)

Full Day Workshops (9:00-5:00)

Workshop Costs:

  • Half Day Workshop $100.00*
  • Full Day Workshop $175.00

*$20 Discount for 2 Half-Day Workshops

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